Sunday, November 15, 2009

You Can’t Oppose Something with Nothing! Or How to lose a “Debate” in a 15-Minute Interview.

This is the inaugural posting from Theophilus on the recent Hitchens-Wilson interview as seen on “Imus in the Morning.” Although the segment was a promotional interview for the release of the documentary, Collision - the interview contained, in condensed form, all salient points of the debate between any atheist and a presuppositional defense of Christian theism.

It was nice to see Wilson’s presuppositional – and uncompromising – defense of Christian theism dismantle atheistic reductionism. To summarize the interview, Hitchens continued the atheist tradition of total failure to answer challenges to reductionism.

There was one point where I felt Wilson fell short, and that was in his concession to Hitchens' definition of atheism – that atheism is no more than the belief that there are no valid “proofs” of God’s existence – a view that equates atheism with agnosticism and sets up the mistaken notion that atheism has no burden of proof.

You can first view the interview here in these two parts.

Imus Interview Part I

Imus Interview Part II